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I’ve been busy working on a really cool bit of Blogger Meta Tag code, the last couple of days. This new code will let me control all my meta tag content dynamically with the exception of my blogs homepage, which will have its own static meta tag content, that is still totally customizable.

What's all this mean, why do I need this?
The old way of creating Meta Tags for a Blogger Template, will only let us set the Meta Tag content for all of our Blogger blogs, as single Meta Tags, that shows the same content on every single blog page.
My new improved code will automatically write this dynamic content to the Blogger template for each individual blog page:

  • Description Meta Tag
  • Keywords Meta Tag
1) Title Tag = Blog Post Title + Blog Post Labels + Blog Title
2) Description Meta Tag = Blog Post Title + Blog Post Labels + Blog Description
3) Keywords Meta Tag = Blog Post Labels
The Blog Title pulls it’s content from Blogger Control Panel –> Settings –> Title. The Blog Description in the Meta Tag Description pulls it’s content from the Blogger Control Panel –> Settings –> Description. All the Label content pulls it’s content from each individual blog posts labels, so we use those Labels as Keywords inside the Meta Tags.
What all this does is provide Google our own unique content & keywords, that have a very good chance of showing up inside the Google Search results Pages description, just below the Title. The reason I say a very good chance of showing up is, it’s impossible for any website on the net to force Google to use content. With the Meta Tag Description, Google most times will look for that tag & use it in the SERP.
I’ve had my new Dynamic Meta Tags crawled by Google & already showing up in the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page), after only a few hours of testing.

My intention is to have Google notice my blog for a wider dynamic selection of keywords & phrases, than my old static template. I’ll wait about a month & keep monitoring how Google Search handles the content in my SERP results, before I post any code for others to use on their own blogs, I want the code to be 100% up & running with results to show everyone.
Keep an eye out for related future blog post.
While I’m tweaking the code, have a look thru this blogs source code, to check out how every single page on this blog has dynamic Meta Tags & Page Titles (no two pages are the same).