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Most Used Google Adsense Alternatives

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Since 18 June 2003, Google AdSense has become the foremost choice of every internet entrepreneur who is making money from online business.  Google AdSense has become the best pay-per-click advertising program which generates higher revenues for the publishers (as long as they abide to its terms and conditions) than any other PPC advertising service generates. So a publisher asks a question (one who is not accepted by AdSense or being accepted), is Google AdSense the only PPC advertising service, which generates a lot of revenue? The answer to this query is surely a big NO! There are lot more PPC advertising services which generate reasonable revenue, not as high as Google AdSense does but surely they are good choice besides AdSense.
ADBRITE is a good alternative to AdSense; as it requires an easy sign up process and accepts almost every publisher who applies with a decent site with good content agreeing to their terms. It lets its users to withdraw as minimum as 5$ with publisher getting 75% revenue on per click.
BIDVERTISER is another PPC program, which allows user to generate revenue by displaying targeted image and text ads. It allows it users to withdraw 10$ (minimum) via PayPal but let user to display only one ad per webpage.
CLICKSOR has emerged as new choice for publishers and advertisers, works almost same like AdSense’s CTR and CPM ratio criteria for generating revenues. It allows an ease of adding as many domains and websites like AdSense and a payout of 20$ as minimum via PayPal.
INFOLINKS is the best option for the websites which have lot of text content in it. As being only a text targeted ads service, it lets its user not only add a text / link unit ad but also target the various keywords in the content posted on the site. It pays at 50$ via Payoneer master card or PayPal.
GUMGUM ad service program targets the image content posted on the website and the ads appear as a hover on the image posted so more chances of being clicked upon via browsing the site. Best choice for photography and wallpapers sites, allowing to withdraw 50$ for minimum via PayPal.
ADHITZ another PPC ad service program which lets user to display image ads on their site with citing all the details regarding revenue generated at every click. Allowing to withdraw as low as 25$ via AlertPy or PayPal.
YAHOO Ads, just a copy of Google AdSense and an effective PPC program which pays a good amount and offers many yahoo advertising solutions and more effective for US residents.
KONTERA is more effective with website having lot of text ads as it targets specific keywords to display ads in a pop up window, allows to withdraw 50$ for minimum.
PIXAZZA ads are mostly for the website having lot of graphics posted on them as they display ads on the images posted. Allowing a minimum payout of10$, so a smart choice for photo bloggers.
EXITJUNCTION allows both targeted displaying of ads as well as a referral program, which allows one to earn from your referral’s earning. It gives 100% revenue to publishers generated from ads.

Google Adsense alternatives.