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5 Adwords Techniques People Use To Make Money Online

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In my last post, I mentioned about adwords as one of the ways to drive traffic to your website. Adwords is simply one of the most powerful tool invented in advertising. It allows your site to be seen by hundreds of people instantly.
While a large number of internet marketers have made money online by using it, an even more number of marketers have their shirts burned overnight by using it. So be careful.
So how do you make money online by using adwords?
Did you remember in our last post the equation: no traffic = no money? Drive traffic to your website by using adwords. Drive visitors to your site by having a compelling ad.
Here are 5 techniques I used to increase the clicks of my adwords:
1. Positioning of the bolded keyword. If you’re into adwords already, you know that when the searcher types a keyword, that keyword appears bolded in the ad. For example, if the searcher types “plasma tv”, the words “plasma” and “tv” will be bolded like this:
Plasma TV Sales
Buy Plasma TV for Les
Next Day Delivery
Many of the advertisers know this and they intentionally use the keyword in their ad. But do you know that you can add a little twist to this?
Here’s How to do it:
Position your keywords on the far left side or the far right side to grab the searcher’s attention. For example:
Buy Plasma TV
Only $1,300 for Plasma TV
Next Day Delivery, Plasma TV
While it may not read that good but hey! It surely grabs the eyeballs!
2. Inclusion of numbers. I don’t know, but the eyes just love numbers. If you put numbers in your headlines, especially those that relate to the product, the clicks simply rise sky-high. Here are 3 headline examples:
a. $1300 Plasma TV
b. $2,142 In Just 11 days?
c. Drop 13 Pounds In 72 Hours
3. Referencing of famous people. When using this technique make sure you do your homework. Check who are the famous people using the product you are offering.
Here’s an an example:
Remove Excess Fat Now
Transform Your Body In 2 Weeks
(Britney Spears Used This)
Also notice the use of parenthesis which added the power to this ad. Always remember to do this legally and properly. This technique is extremely potent.
4. Capitalizing the first letters. Well, this was what I first learned when I started Google Adwords. This little tweak could exponentially increase your CTR.
Change the first letter of every word of your ad to the Upper Case. This includes the following:
Description Line 1
Description Line 2
Display URL
Here’s an example:
5. Shorten Ad. This is seldom used by advertisers. But with almost everybody doing the same thing with adwords, doing something different could significantly push your CTR thru the roof.
Most of the advertisers would try to maximize the number of characters allowed by Google – 95 characters total. But to be recognized be different.
Original Ad:
Buy Canon Camcorder Today
Canon’s ZR800 MiniDV Camcorder
Next Day Delivery at $253.99
New Ad:
Canon Camcorder
Price: $253.99
5% Discount
The sheer slimness of the ad differentiates itself from its competitors. This is also powerful because with this kind of product people only care for one benefit, and that is the price.
Now open your Adwords account and try using these 5 techniques and see your number of clicks explode! By the way, be sure to check you daily budget.